Our Technology

Simple for guests to use

SMS Valet® is very easy to use and will optimize the valet experience.The guest simply gives the valet a mobile number and will receive a reusable plastic key tag and a “Welcome” text with a link for requesting their vehicle. When your guest is ready for their car – simply click the link and follow the on-screen instructions.

How our Ticket less Valet service works

  • Check-in

    Guest arrives and provides valet with a mobile number when dropping off their vehicle.

  • Confirmation

    Guest receives Welcome Text Message with instructions on how to request their vehicle.

  • Request

    Guest initiates the vehicle request as instructed when ready for their vehicle.

  • Payment

    Guest has the option to pay by phone in advance.

  • Check-out

    Guest presents digital ticket to valet.

Damage Reporting

Instant Shift Reports

With SMS Valet, closing a shift could not be more simple. Instead of manually compiling data, managers can receive digital Shift Reports showing cash on hand, tips, validations, voids, etc. It’s all there and makes closing a shift fast. Shift Reports are available online so managers can view the data from anywhere.

Online Reporting

Our licensed technology provides the number of cars parked at each location at any time of the day. The platform includes damage reporting and online statistics to help you better manage operations. Our reports can be accessed online anytime, from anywhere.

Real Time Reporting

Whenever a valet notates damages, our licensed technology affixes an electronic time and date stamp. All pre-existing damages are marked in Yellow “+”. These damages are stored in the “cloud” forever!