Parking Valet

Going beyond with unparalleled service

First Class Valet provides valet parking and parking management services beyond the traditional approach. First Class Valet’s customer centric culture is paired with its partnership philosophy to provide unparalleled service and measurable financial gains for its clients.

Excellent Valet Service

Professional, dedicated, friendly.

This high level of service, and ultimately our success, comes from employees who are professional, dedicated and friendly. And while many businesses claim similar values, ours is evident through the recommendations and accolades from our many satisfied customers. This is the standard we set out to achieve each day. By setting the bar high, we achieve success for ourselves and for our customers.

Event Parking

Our People

At First Class Valet, or entire business model is built around providing our clientele with superior service and guaranteed satisfaction. First Class Valet focuses on attention to detail, efficiency and customer service. Our approach empowers our front-line personnel to take the initiative and deal with issues on the spot. In the high-pressure atmosphere of a major event or very busy location, the test of quality is measured by the experience and diplomacy of our people.